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Shown above are just a few of the over 600 sites in Wisconsin (606 sites visited since we started our research in 2015).  This website, or the travel guide, provides site information (location, ease of viewing, photos and/or video, and other details) about each waterfall, rapid or spillway.  You can select a site for viewing, either by County selection or Alphabetically.  Why do we include spillways... most spillways (sometimes called sluices) are usually where there was once a waterfall or rapid, some are still called waterfalls, some have been built to resemble waterfalls, and many spillways are quite beautiful.  "Waterfalling" is a past-time of many thousands of people, a wonderful way to enjoy nature and the marvelous wonders of Gods creation... but before you go, please read our "Before You Go" page for tips on what to do and what not to do (waterfalling can be dangerous... be cautious and be careful)!

Our Wisconsin Waterfalls Travel Guide of 185 waterfalls and 37 spillways/rapids is now shipping!   (Click Here) for details

Creation of the Travel Guide will not materially effect this website... this website will continue to be used for updates as we continue to find more waterfalls (several since the guide went to the printer... [Click Here] for a listing of new sites found)... as things change the latest information will be updated herein.  Plus, this website provides video of the sites so you can gain a better view of exactly what you will be viewing when you travel to a site.  The Travel Guide contains GPS coordinates of all 185 waterfalls and the 37 spillways/rapids listed; along with detailed driving/walking directions to those 222 sites. 
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We have added a "blog" where you can read comments from others...  write us about your visit... was your visit fun; nearby attractions; was it easy to find;    easy to access; good trail walk; corrections; etc., etc. (click "blog" above to read the blog) and send your "blog" comments to waterfallswisconsin@gmail.com

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